Month: January 2016

Hop On and Look Ahead

Let’s hope writing isn’t like riding a bike. Because last time I rode after a long hiatus, it was down a mountain in Chiang Mai.  I ended up flipping over the handle bars, landing in a muddy “river” and getting chauffeured down the rest of the way while I marveled at my purpling thigh. So yea, I’m hoping getting back into writing goes smoother than that. Luckily it only requires key pads, not knee pads.

So join me on this new journey (no helmet needed) as I foray back into my greatest love: writing.  I used to actually make real money doing this, after all!

8 Important facts about me:


  1. My daughter looks like my husband and acts like me.
  2. My son looks like me and acts like my husband.
  3. I hide my candy from my kids. Hint: My car sometimes smells like sour gummies.
  4. Cooking calms me; unfortunately cleaning irks me.
  5. I love folding laundry.  But only while drinking wine and watching trashy reality TV.
  6. I’m not just a mom, I’m a memory maker.
  7. I consider New York my first love. But Chicago makes a better long-term partner.
  8. I write to discover the story.